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Hi loves, I know it’s been too long and I missed you all. Today’s post I just want to share with you my new discovery and a current fave which is the African print silk. Being Ghanaian and growing up in Ghana, African print has been such a huge part of my life. You cannot go anywhere without seeing it. From my mother to aunties and even to the younger generation. What I love the most about each African print in Ghana is the fact that they all have names and meanings to it. I remember at my best friend’s traditional wedding, all of us bridesmaids wore African print. She picked a print named “OBAA PA” which means Good Woman.

I really love how people have gotten so creative with the prints and now there are different silks of the various African prints. I spotted mine and got it from a Ghanaian owned brand called Silk Africana. I’m such a sucker for button down shirts and midi skirts and this is what I got made from them. They ship worldwide!