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It’s no news that denim is a classic in my wardrobe. I have always liked the idea of playing with denim styles for as long as I can remember. I’m all in for a good cinched waist so I decided to create a denim belt out of denim pants. This actually came as a result of not being able to fit into some vintage mom jeans I bought a while back. The ratio of my waist to my hips has always been a problem when it came to buying jeans especially and as usual the waist of the jeans was my perfect waist size but my hips were too big for it, so I cut it and just tried it on as a belt and I loved the outcome (this was somewhere around 2017). Last year I recreated it and styled it with an oversized white men’s shirt. This year I decided to elevate it by painting on it and it just came out perfect. I’m really in love with this statement piece. Here’s a video on how I made it. Hope you enjoy.

the second one I created in 2019 which was longer and I styled it with an oversized men’s shirt

2020 I created another one and did an abstract painting on it to jazz it up.