Better late than never! I made this DIY no-sew dress two years ago. I was inspired to make this piece was when I saw Lady Gaga in the maxi version from Valentino. I really wanted to recreate it, but considering the climate in Ghana and my love for showing a little skin, I decided to create this dress with detachable sleeves and made mine shorter.

dress restyled with one sleeve

If you’re new here, just know I love to get many wears out of one piece, hence the detachable sleeves and mini length to enable me to style the dress in several ways. You could style this with just one sleeve, or even detach both sleeves, wear it with trousers, and add a belt for a cute cinch.

wearing just the detachable sleeves

Here’s a video of the tutorial to make this off-shoulder dress yourself, or you can shop on my website where it comes in different colours.