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I have decided to share my top 5 favourite products by brand every month. I am going to start with this Ghanaian brand. SO Aesthetics is a luxury makeup brand. I’ve been using their products for a couple of years and I’ve gotten a lot of questions. It’s one of my favourite Ghanaian makeup brands undoubtedly as its been one of the brands I do not react to giving that I have very sensitive my skin. Here are my favourite products from them.

  1. Super Invisible Primer

I have very oily skin and this will be my favourite primer especially for the warm weather here in Ghana. It’s definitely matte but not too drying. Unlike some matte primers that leave you ashy, this primer doesn’t. My foundation applies on it beautifully.

2. Ultra Coverage Foundation

A full coverage foundation that is oil free but still hydrating. It’s actually on my top 5 foundation list. Good thing is I do not react to it and a little goes a long way and covers my blemishes. For my perfect shade I mix ASANTEWAA (06) and OKAEBEA (08).

3. SHEBA Black Eyeliner

I cannot even begin to stress on how much I love this eyeliner. Waterproof and very black just as I like it. I even use it for a smokey eye for a night out sometimes.

4. Lipsticks

There’s a wide range of colours when it comes to their lipsticks. I have three colours that are constantly on rotation and they are ANGELINA, CHEEKY CHESTNUT and REGAL RED.

5. Twinkle Lipgloss

Last but not the list will be the twinkle lipgloss. It’s gorgeous and glassy and I love it. The actual gloss colour is champagne with tiniest shimmery particles. I love to put it over my nude lipsticks.

SO Aesthetics products can be purchased online ( or

Products can also be purchased at their Store in East Legon ( at the VIVA CONCEPT STORE).