When I started makeup, one of my most difficult decisions I had to make was choosing the right brushes. Even when I got my first set I couldn’t figure out what each brush was meant to do. I was familiar with the foundation and powder brush but the rest was a bit of a struggle. I learnt the use of them as time went and I realised there were so many brushes I had that I barely used. If you’re ever wondering which brushes to get for your kit then here are my top 5 brush essentials.


The foundation brush helps you create a flawless base for makeup. It comes in different types however my preferred is this flat kabuki brush. I use it the most because it helps buff foundation into my skin easily and its beginner friendly.


I have come to realise that one of the most important type of brush to have in your kit is the all round powder brush. It is used for setting product on your skin. Whether you’re devoted to loose or pressed powders, this brush helps to evenly distribute product all over your face. I realised this when I packed my makeup bag in a rush and accidentally left my bush set for a trip. I tried using my beauty blender to apply my powder but it just picked up too much product. It can also help in bronzing up the face and sometimes blush.


This helps to pat the concealer on under eye circles and blemishes. It’s able to reach nooks around your eyes and nose that the bigger brush cannot. Also, you can use the concealer brush to clean under your brows.


It can be used to comb through and separate your clumpy lashes and smooth messy brows. I use this a to on my brows. Even on days where I don’t wear makeup I still need to brush my brows before stepping out.


It can be so complicated trying to find your ideal eyeshadow brush considering the endless variety on the market. Having one multi-purpose brush is more than enough. It’s perfect for blending your shadows and flat enough to pick up the product. Always remember to apply your shadow with a light hand as it’s easier to build colour than it is to subtract.