I admit, this is not a new-hair-new-me post. It’s more like “New Hair, Same Me.” The last time I cut my hair, it was after a heartbreak, and I promised myself I would do it for me the next time. Moving on from the sob story…I have always wanted to try a bob cut. I’ve done it before, but only for a few days as I was prepping to go much shorter. This time I wanted to intentionally keep it in a bob. I actually want to be known as the bob girl. I want it to be my signature look, lol. I’ve gotten questions on why I cut it, but honestly I’d been natural for 9 years and I woke up one day extremely bored, because I felt like I had been too stagnant with my look and that wasn’t me. I took a little break from social media, and that’s when I decided to cut it off, for myself — I honestly have no regrets. I’m just here wondering why I didn’t do it earlier.

After several questions on where to cut and style my hair well, I decided to go to the OGs in cutting hair in Ghana since I was much younger, ie EXOTIC TRENDZ salon. They did not disappoint! I felt so free that I did this myself, and not with my lovely instagram audience following along. I guess my break was good after all. I can’t wait to show the different ways to explore looks with this new cut.