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Happy Friday Loves!! If I had a 9 to 5 I’m sure I would appreciate Fridays so much. Unfortunately weekends are mostly my busy days. In fact I don’t think I have a lot of free days but I remember how I loved Fridays when I did my national service. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone get excited about Fridays more than my brother. I don’t know if his excitement is mostly because he’s looking forward to the work-free weekend or the fact that it’s freestyle Friday at his work place. I find that very interesting and it’s fun to see the several looks he comes up with. I’m talking about my brother because this suit is from his closet. I’m very sure my phone will be ringing non-stop as I have just exposed myself by posting this. He’s going to be pissed lol. Well thats what happens when you’re the only girl and a lover of menswear. Personally, I have come to realise that most of my unplanned looks end up really cute and gets the most compliments or the better images. Had an impromptu event to support a friend and usually in situations like these, my first choice is usually menswear but a tad sexy and with high heels. I found this suit in his closet and decided to wear it. Probably the best style decision I’ve made all week.